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Advantages INFAX

Compared to any other form of direct marketing, INFAX is the simplest and quickest method of reaching several thousands, even several hundreds of thousands of people. No other media platform enables you to get such fast and efficient Return on Investment.

The cost of mailing is very expensive once you add the postal expenses, the cost of envelopes, printing, etc. The cost of a fax broadcast represents only a small fraction of mailing costs, not to mention the fact that the majority of postal envelopes are thrown away without even being opened. It is impossible to do so with a fax: the person who receives it must look at it for at least a few seconds. Herein lays the full impact of this marketing media and the high results it obtains.

Magazine or newspaper advertising is another rather expensive alternative, giving very disappointing results in terms of Price/ROI ratio. An advertisement in a one-hundred page magazine will certainly not be seen by all of its readers. Once again, fax broadcasts are very efficient in ensuring you unquestionable visibility: a fax absolutely must be seen!

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"We are very satisfied with your services, mainly with the reply deadlines and the individual broadcast invoicing which facilitates our administrative work.

We are currently in the process of renewing our contract with INFAX for a second year without any hesitation. Your rates are very competitive."

Guy Simard
Technical Advisor

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