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Maximize your broadcast

In order to optimize each e-mail broadcast, importance must be given to the choice of the words that you will insert in the “From” and "Subject" line of your message. They must attract the recipient's attention and encourage him to open your message. A properly designed document will guide your potential client to your Web site or to request additional information.

When creating your HTML page, it is essential to position hyperlinks (similar or different) at various places on the document, ensuring simple, easy and quick access to your Web site.

If you want to promote several products and services through the same e-mail, it is strongly recommended to link each product or service with a hyperlink leading the recipient to a precise page on your Web site for additional information. This will not only enable the Net surfer to simply and effectively further his search for additional information, but will allow you to analyse, through the transmission report, the interest generated by each of your offers.

Just like fax broadcasting, the time chosen to send your e-mail has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your campaign.

The frequency of an e-mail broadcast constitutes a very important criterion of its success, more than for any other form of direct marketing. Indeed, this form of media undoubtedly has substantial and almost immediate impact, but its effect lasts only a few days. This is why it is necessary to support your promotions through several broadcasts at relatively short intervals. This method maximizes the response rate of the database used, while providing an excellent branding opportunity for your organization.

The e-mail content can be rather elaborate. However, we are aware that a lengthy message can discourage the reader from continuing and obtaining the desired information. It is therefore recommended to place hyperlinks enabling the reader to visit the pages that he wants at a relatively early stage in the broadcast.

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The rates are very interesting but the quality of the service makes us continuously return to Infax"

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